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The Gundam Struggle finals are presided over by Wong Yun-fat, Neo Hong Kong’s prime minister and the modern ruler of the distant colonies and earth. When the Shining Gundam turns incapacitated through the battle, Domon desperately manages to activate a newly received God Gundam, escape Grasp Asia, and make his strategy to the finals set in Neo Hong Kong. Once this portion of the anime’s plot concluded, staff members flew to Hong Kong to analyze and record the Neo Hong Kong story arc. During early levels of the sport Danganronpa: Trigger Completely satisfied Havoc, a demo named Distrust, Makoto was merely named “Protagonist,” Shujink┼Ź. A reasonably optimistic but otherwise common student who is chosen in a raffle to enroll in Hope’s Peak Academy as the “Final Fortunate Pupil,” Makoto finds himself before a distant-controlled robotic stuffed bear named Monokuma upon getting into the academy, states that he and his fellow students will be imprisoned within the academy for the remainder of their lives until one in every one of them will become “the blackened” and murder another without coming upon by the opposite college students, prompting the character to unravel crimes.

Makoto forces him to confront Chisa’s demise and regain his hope. Tari is joined in Skybreakers by Lamar and Marco, with Sofia helping from outside the game. Tari calls Lamar from his room in the game and reunites with MD-5. Tari walks into a TASCorp store and finds a speed-running environment in a back room. Domon and his companions make their approach to the battle royale while several truths concerning the Devil Gundam are unveiled. The opening theme music, “Flying in the Sky,” performed by Yoshifumi Ashima, and the final topic, “Umi Yori mo Fukaku,” “Deeper Than The Ocean ” by Etsuko Sai, is played for the first 25 episodes of the sequence. Though the schemes of each Wong and Master Asia are foiled, Ullube quietly claims the Satan Gundam and transports it to Neo Japan’s area colony for his objective.

Wong chooses to have the qualifying nation’s battle in one-on-one and tag workforce preliminary matches to succeed in a battle royale on Lantau Island, the place the tournament is to end with the winner going through the defending champion Master Asia. The battle on Lantau Island culminates with Domon fatally besting Grasp Asia in a closing war of words. At the same time, koji and Schwarz sacrifice themselves so that domon can assault the Devil Gundam’s cockpit and disable it as soon as again. Having been corrupted by DG cells with ambitions of supreme energy, Ullube kidnaps Rain and places her into Satan Gundam’s core to act as https://hoodieanime.com its energy supply. Finally, Domon professes his love for Rain and releases her from the core. With the assistance of his pals and a brand new ally in new Germany’s masked warrior Schwarz Bruder, Domon defeats the Satan Gundam.