What Choices You can Opt for Crypto Trading

What Choices You can Opt for Crypto Trading

What Choices You can Opt for Crypto Trading

A good money management strategy is important to survive. Always remember that surviving is your highest priority – and that profits come later. One of the most relevant techniques in crypto involves preventing large losses. By using a stop loss, you can prevent losing a lot of money.

Do not trade immediately after losing money

At a height, you will end up over a great loss or lose a large portion of your capital. There is a temptation to after a big loss, try to open a new position to recover some of the money back. But there is a big problem. Raising risk when you have lost part of your capital is the worst strategy. This is called revenge trading and most often ends up with an even greater loss. Instead, consider reducing the size of your positions after several losses or pause until you can identify a low risk trade. You can click https://coin-dreams.com/ to learn more now.

Respect and Understand Leverage

Leverage offers the opportunity to increase your profits by risking the capital you have available, but also increases your risk potential. It is a useful tool, but at the same time it is important to understand the size of your exposure to risk. Depending on your experience or risk, the crypto broker may give you greater or lesser leverage.

Currently brokerage firms that accept customers in Europe cannot offer a leverage of more than 1:30, meaning that for every 1 euro you can trade as if you had 30 euros. These are the rules of ESMA. Before August 1, 2018, the average leverage provided by the brokerage firms was 1: 200, so most traders lost all their money because they did not understand the power of leverage.

Professional Traders can achieve greater leverage by asking the brokerage firm, however, you should keep in mind that the higher the leverage, the greater the risk of losing money.