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The town eventually ran Harlan away because of his heathenism and torched his lodge years later when Package was a child. After a day of partying, the group has a bonfire. The package tells them a local story about how in the early twentieth century, ninety-six years ago, a hotel owner named Harlan featured a crocodile named Flat Canine at his resort. Hubs, who can be heavily intoxicated, falls asleep at the bonfire, whereas the rest of the group returns to the boat. The pair rush again to the boat to warn the others. In the morning, the associates find their boat stuck, leaving them stranded. Someday later, Hubs attempts to return to the boat but is eaten by Flat Dog, whereas the boat turns untied and begins to drift into the lake.

Harlan eventually units up a shrine to Flat Dog, believing her to be an avatar to the ancient Egyptian crocodile god Sobek, making a cult that worshiped the crocodile. Annabelle’s canine, Princess, runs away, leading the group to the crocodile’s nest, where Duncan breaks an egg and Hub hides one in Claire’s bag. Shut by, two local fishermen destroy a crocodile nest, for them each to be attacked by Flat Dog, who devours them each. Shurkin units out with the Sheriff to seek out Flat Canine – and kill her to avenge the deaths of his grandfather and father – whereas Lester is seen to be feeding the crocodile but is finally devoured himself. In the meantime, Sheriff Bowman finds the fishermen, and Hubs stays before visiting Shurkin Terrence Evans and Lester Adam Gierasch, two locals who take care of alligators.

As the group is about to depart on their boat, they’re warned by Sheriff Bowman Harrison Young to be wise and keep out of hazards. While the rest of the group attempt to fix the boat, Brady and Sunny go to attempt to seek out Hubs. The film entails a group of school students on a houseboat for spring break who stumble through a nest of eggs and unknowingly enrage a large female Nile crocodile that stalks and kills them one after the other. Richard Blais of Top Chef fame cited him as one of his greatest inspirations. Cut eight slits in the paper in a star shape to put your hand on how the opening will still be covered.