NCLC and SCLC disease

Lung cancer spread wherethe cancer cells grow in the lungs and affects the lungs. Non- SCLC is aprevalent type of cancer. The other type of non-small lung cancer isadenocarcinoma, large cell carcinoma, and squamous cell cancer. Canceroriginates from the gland cells of the body is termed adenocarcinoma. Thesun-exposed organs of the body form cancer cells known as squamous cellcancer. If the cancer cell develops in a large cell, then it is called largecell carcinoma. Cancer develops very fast than the NSLC and diverges to other organs of the body.

Various stages of the cancer


There are six stages present in the medical world. The lung cancer stages are hidden stage, stage zero, stage one, stage two, stage three, and stage four. If the cancer disease started to grow in the mucus, does not show in scans, then it is in the hidden stage or occult. The cancer cells formed in the top player of the cell lining then it is called stage zero. Thetumor cell grew up to 4cm in length and was found only in the lungs it means stageone. If the tumor cells diverge to lymph nodes and neighboring tissues, known as Stage two. The cancer cell that grows beyond the lymph node is called stage three. If this spreads to the brain, bone it is Stage four.

Unusual Kinds of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer disease affects women the most. The main variation of cancer disease seen before now we see about Unusual breast cancer. The first type is Paget disease which affects the duct of the nipple in the breast and skin, areola. The other types are phyllodes tumor which affects connective tissues. If the types of blood grow in the lymph or blood vessel, it is angiosarcoma. Another type of Unusual cancer disease is Inflammatory breast cancer which the cancer cells stop the lymph nodes and make the breast swell.

Advanced stages of Breast Cancer

The advanced stages of the cancer disease s metastatic breast cancer grew from the breast to other organs in the body. Another type of breast cancer that spread very fast among all types is triple -ve breast cancer. If any symptoms develop in the breast, consult the doctor for treatment. First, find cancer disease using the scanning techniques in the hospital. If the breast cancer is found and treated, the breast cancer survival rate will be higher.