Introducing the iPhone 15: The Flagship of the Series

As we inch closer to Apple’s expected September iPhone 15 series announcement event, rumors are picking up. Rumors include a number of notable upgrades to the devices, including USB-C ports and new colors.

According to market researcher Trend Force, 8 GB of LPDDR5 RAM may be added to the Pro models of this year’s iPhone 15. Standard models are likely to stick with 6 GB.


One of the major qualms I have with Apple’s iPhone series is the limited amount of RAM. This has been the case even in recent iPhone models that have come with other significant upgrades. However, according to a new report from market consultant Trend Force, this could change with the upcoming iPhone 15 series.

The Pro models of the iPhone 15 are expected to get a bump from 6GB of RAM up to 8GB, while non-Pro models will stick with iphone 15 the current 6GB. This is supposed to help with multitasking and should complement the A17 Bionic chipset.

In addition to the higher-capacity memory, Kuo also claims that this year’s iPhone 15 series will use faster DRAM, which should improve the performance of the smartphones. This could also lead to a battery life improvement of up to four hours for the most expensive model.

Another rumor points to the fact that the upcoming iPhone 15 series will adopt Wi-Fi 6E, which should provide better wireless connectivity. The new standard will offer improved speeds, especially when streaming high-definition video. The Pro models will also come with USB 3.2 ports, which should offer faster data transfers. This should help with things like file transfer and backups, as well as external monitors connected to the smartphones.

5G mmWave

The iPhone 15 series will be capable of connecting to 5G networks using both the sub-6GHz 5G airwaves and the millimeter wave (mmWave) frequencies that provide the higher data transfer rates and faster speeds promised by 5G. According to a leaked document highlighted by MacRumors, the new model will support 5G on both of these operating bands. However, mmWave connectivity will only work with USB-C accessories that are certified by Apple as Made for iPhone (MFi). Apple supplier Foxconn is reportedly producing EarPods and cables with MFi certifications. This will limit features like fast charging and high-speed data transfers to devices approved by Apple.

Carriers will continue to build out their mmWave networks in the years to come, but at this point sub-6GHz is the more widely available technology that will benefit most customers. For this reason, it’s understandable why Apple didn’t include mmWave support on the iPhone SE.

That said, it’s possible that in a few years, Apple may release an iPhone SE model with mmWave support to appeal to consumers who want to future-proof their phones. In the meantime, customers can disable mmWave antennas in iOS 14.8 to prevent them from draining the battery too quickly. You can find this option by going to Settings > Cellular Data > Advanced, and then disabling the 5G radio.


Every year, Apple offers a few choices of colors for its iPhone series. In the past, the standard iPhone has been available in five colors at launch, while the Pro models typically only get four options (as of iPhone 11).

However, this year is reportedly going to see a new color option for the Pro series. According to 9to5Mac, a source has indicated that the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max will be offered in a dark red shade. That shade is said to be similar in hue to Ferrari’s 2022 F1 car.

The new shade would be a welcome addition to the Pro lineup, which already includes a few standout color options such as gold and space gray. The Pro and Pro Max also come in a limited edition (PRODUCT)RED variant, with proceeds from those sales going toward fighting AIDS and other global pandemics. MacRumors has also seen CAD renders of the iPhone 15 Pro with a dark red finish, along with the standard black, gold, silver, and space gray options. If that rumor holds true, it would be an exciting addition to the iPhone Pro series and a welcome change from last year’s dull shades. The Pro and Pro Max are also expected to feature support for MagSafe wireless charging, as a nod to their legacy with Apple’s laptop line.

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